Anne-Marie Flammersfeld

Why giving up is not an option - 1000km, 4 deserts, 1 year


Anne-Marie Flammersfeld is a graduated Sports Scientist with a Master in Sport-Psychology and  Sports – Rehabilitation of the German Sports University Cologne (DSHS Köln). In 2022 she  finishes her Bachelor degree in Psychology.  

In 2012 she won as the first woman ever the famous and well-known Extreme Ultrarunning Event  „Racing The Planet 4 Deserts“. Therefore she ran 1000 kilometers through the driest (Atacama),  windiest (Gobi), hottest (Sahara) and coldest (Antarctica) desert on earth. Each race of this multi stage-event had a distance of 250 kilometers. Since then she has been constantly looking for  new sporting challenges in competition and in her own projects. 

Since 2013 she is on her way with her project “Bottom Up Climbs” and conquers the highest  mountains of a country from the lowest point – all by own muscle power and without mechanical  support. Since 2014, she has specialized in the “Volcanic 7 Summits” and has traveled to Asia  (Iran), Africa (Tanzania), North America (Mexico) and South America (Chile) already to cycle from  the lowest point in the country and to reach the highest volcano in hiking boots. She recently  climbed the highest volcano in Europe in May 2019 in Sicily and ran from the sea the distance of  38 kilometers and 3300 vertical meters to the upper crater rim in less then 8 hours.  

In 2015, she was able to set a new female German speed-run world record on Kilimanjaro. She  managed the 4100 positive vertical meters from the “Umbwe Gate” at 1800m to the summit of  the highest mountain in Africa at 5895m in 8 hours 32 minutes (almost 3 hours faster than the  previous record). 

In addition, she holds other course records for example a “The North Pole”, and “Volcano marathon”. 

The 1978 born German athlete works with her own company “all mountain fitness” as a personal  coach in the Swiss mountain village St. Moritz. She coaches people in active training, mental  training and writes training plans.  

As a Keynote speaker she holds regular lectures on topics motivation, enthusiasm and overcome  limits. Anne-Marie Flammersfeld is the honorary president of the running event “St. Moritz  Running Festival” – a three-day summer event with over 2600 participants in St. Moritz. With her projects and competitions Anne-Marie Flammersfeld supports the foundation “Paulchen  Esperanza”, which supports disadvantaged children in emerging countries such as Tanzania,  Argentina and Sri Lanka.