Ida Thyrring

Strengthen your mental compass and excel in your performance


Sociologist and performance coach of startup founders, young talents and elite athletes, Ida brings an empowering approach to the space of building a high-performance mentality. 

Ida is Head of People & Performance at the Copenhagen based tech scale up, Sonar. As a sociologist, process consultant and performance coach, Ida has several years of hands on-experience with organizational development, culture building and high performing professionals. 

Ida is the sparring partner of startup founders, first time leaders and young talents, as well as elite athletes.

As a competing CrossFit athlete herself, Ida applies the same toolbox and focus on her own ambitions as she aspires to pass on to others. 

On stage she is passionate, relatable, and inspiring.

Ida delivers with a catching energy, and the tools she introduces are intuitive, and easy to implement for any high-performing high-skilled professional.


Posts and perspectives on performance

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