Nicklas Pyrdol

Cultural leadership in the Fitness & Health Industry


Nicklas Pyrdol has worked with all aspects of entrepreneurship, performance, and leadership. 

He is an international keynote speaker and independent consultant helping scale-ups and corporates set the right team and create a winning culture. Nicklas was a sport psychology consultant working with elite athletes before transitioning into HR leadership in the Tech Industry and then a Partner in an HR Tech startup. 

But his professional journey began in the Fitness & Health Industry.

As 23-year-old he became Gym Manager in a local gym. He then continued to become one of the best-selling PTs in a national branch in Denmark whilst also studying at the University.

Nicklas have co-founded 3 different PT companies all with different concepts and target groups. He has stepped out of all three, leaving the other founders to run them.

He has also been an advisor in helping small local communities with opening and running gyms with volunteer instructors to support the rural areas of Denmark.

Cultural leadership in the Fitness & Health Industry

Starting and running a business in the Fitness & Health industry is like nothing else. The competition is fierce, many of the customers are looking for a quick fix and the best deal and it is difficult to explain how you differentiate from all the other similar offers.

And let us face it, if we really boil it down, a gym is just a room with exercise equipment in them and personal trainers are just someone doing programming, nutrition advice and following up on progress. Gym equipment, supplements and smartphone apps come and go.