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This week our FitNation host, Alex Von Hagen, will interview Jamie Owens, Director of Fitness Partnerships at Hussle. Hussle is the first marketplace for fitness in the world, and was formed in 2009 based on two key principles; increasing participation in physical activity and generating revenue for operators.

Jamie will talk us through exactly how (and why) to work out your Customer Acquisition Cost (over 50% of gyms they surveyed didn’t know theirs!) We will also discuss how to choose the right marketing channels for your business and how fitness membership models are changing.

The Hussle platform targets customers who don’t currently engage with traditional gym memberships – those requiring multi-venue workouts no single operator can provide, occasional users and ‘try-before-they-buy’ customers. With gym partner locations in 96% of UK postcodes, Hussle has turned more than 30,000 of these into direct club members, brought 66,000 disengaged ex-members back and 14,000 brand new customers to gyms in the last 18 months. Hussle attracts consumers through partnerships with big brand names such as Revolut, Vodafone and Premier Inn, as well as via employer staff benefit schemes with companies including Facebook, CBRE and Decathlon. 

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Thursday 6th May
  • Jamie Owens (Director of Fitness Partnerships at Hussle)
Thursday 20th May
  • David Minton (Director of The Leisure Database Company)
Thursday 3rd June
  • Merijn Schoeber (Founder of My Shredded Lifestyle)
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