FitNation 2021

2021 Edition
29 October 2021 / 2 – 6PM

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Welcome to FitNation 2021

We invite you to our show-stopping annual event on the afternoon of October 29th. Three keynote speakers will be live-streamed from our state of the art Amsterdam studio. You can choose from 10+ virtual workshops from the biggest influencers and brands in the fitness industry.

Buying a ticket means you gain access to all post-event recordings, so you won’t miss any of this incredible content.

This year we will host the virtual event on HopIn, recently valued at $5.65 billion meaning you can look forward to a true-to-life event experience like none other. Find the full event schedule below…


We’ll be joined by speakers from:

FitNation 2021 – Schedule

14:00 – Welcome

Hugo Braam


14:15 – Oh Snap! Lessons From One Of The World’s Fastest Growing Fitness Franchises

Han Walet

Snap Fitness

14:50 – Trending Now: Innovative Fitness Trends in the New Normal

Shari Castelli


14:50 – InstaFamous: How to Build and Engage With An Online Community

Stephanie Elswood

Fitness Influencer

14:50 – Man vs Tech: What’s Next in a Changing World?

Bryan O’Rourke

Industry Expert

14:50 – Struct Your Stuff: Nailing Experience Design for the 2025 Fitness Consumer

Javier Santin

Struct App

14:50 – Be Gone, Burnout! Creating Strategy, Structure and Purpose as an Entrepreneur

Jennifer Halsall


15:25 – Connect Databases Please! Democratization vs Digitization in the Fitness Industry

Henrik Gockel, Patrick Baumann & Serge Reit

Prime Time Fitness

16:00 – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Podcasting Q&A Session

Matthew Januszek

Escape Your Limits Podcast

16:00 – Interactive Session: How Badass is Your Business?

Emma Barry

Good Soul Hunting

16:00 – From Concept to Craze: Taking the At Home Fitness Market by Storm

Nat Carruthers


16:00 – Keep ‘Em Coming: Running Quality Operations that Ensure Member Retention

Bill McBride

Active Wellness

16:00 – What’s Next? The Future of Fitness Programming

Greg Maurer

Workout Anytime

16:00 – Self Care for Leaders: Wellness & Meditation Workshop

Stephanie Singleton

Prana Wellness

16:35 – Mrs.Sporty Boutique: Building an International Market Leader

Niclas Bönström